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Laser FAQ

What can you engrave?

We can engrave most metals and some types of plastics and polymers. Typical examples are pistol slides, lower receivers, and Glock frames. Polymer frames from other manufacturers typically don't engrave well.

What does the service cost?

Simple text and NFA engravings start at $30, and logos and other images start at $40 for surface markings and $60 for deep engravings. These prices can fluctuate depending on artwork size, complexity, material, and how much time is needed to create or prep your artwork. Bulk discounts are available.

What are your lead times?

Depending on current workloads and project complexity, lead times can be anywhere from a few days to several weeks from the time we receive the item, although we do our best to get your item done as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.

How do I get my firearm to you?

You can ship the firearm directly to us, or you can make an appointment to drop it off. If you ship it, the firearm will be shipped directly back to the address you sent it from once completed. If you drop it off, you must also pick it up in person. If someone other than the individual listed on the order picks up the firearm, an ATF Form 4473 must be filled out and a background check performed (for a fee of $40), so it's best to pick it up yourself.

Instructions for shipping a firearm:

  1. Unload and remove ALL ammunition!
  2. Securely package the firearm in a new, sturdy corrugated cardboard box. Do not indicate anywhere on the box that it contains a firearm.
  3. Select a shipper:
    1. USPS
      1. Will only ship long guns -- no handguns.
    2. UPS
      1. Will ship long guns or handguns.
      2. If sending a handgun, you must ship via Next Day Air only.
      3. Must be scheduled for pickup or dropped off at a UPS Service Center. You cannot drop it off at a UPS Store.
    3. FedEx
      1. Will not accept firearms from non-FFLs at this time.